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Bremer Straßenbahn AG operates a large part of public transport in Bremen. It ensures sustainable mobility and plans for the future. Whether digitization or electric mobility, demographic change or supply development - everywhere in the transport industry, the signs of change. Due to the rapidly evolving mobility market, it is necessary that, in addition to efficiently designing and expanding our existing offer, we test new forms of mobility and question existing structures. The aim of BSAG is to contribute both to climate-neutral mobility and to improve the quality of life of the city of Bremen. 

In 2017, they began to work out the new vision of the future and DIALOGBILD visualized it together with BSAG. Where do we want to be in 2030? How do we see our task? Which services do we want to offer?

The result was presented to all employees in March 2018.

Additional Information:
In the BSAG Sustainability Report 2017, starting on page 10, the background of the dialog picture and its origin will be explained in more detail (only a german version).


Workplaces you want to have

We are the top employer in our city. We attach importance to ecological, healthy and social action.

Technology for people

We use technological progress, insofar as it serves people, to improve the quality of life and mobility.

People and technology hand in hand

We promote the connection between man and technology when it stands for good and meaningful results.

Technology makes work easier

We use automation and digitization, for example, for healthier workplaces and meaningful networking.