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Companies face challenges when trying to present complex products and their functionality appropriately. Technical animations shall stimulate customer’s interests and convince them of new products. The marketing team of our customer LIEBHERR wanted to be more creative when presenting the intelligent cylinder with positional transducer LiView. That is why they contacted DIALOGBILD.

Our consulting and creation team had to implement the complex and technical attributes in a storyboard in such a way that it became informative but also charming in order to make it easier for customers to understand the attributes.

In the dialog movie the cylinder with positional transducer LiView is introduced first. What is LiView? How does it work? Where is it used? How will it be integrated? Subsequent to the introduction diverse application examples emphasize the benefits of that system. In the final scene the different benefits of the intelligent cylinder with positional transducer LiView will be illustrated again in a chart and presented by a friendly protagonist.

Since that time the movie is used to present products and give detailed information on the digital channels like the homepage of LIEBHERR as well as on Youtube.