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Mast-Jägermeister SE is the world's most successful German premium spirits manufacturer. For over 80 years, the company has been successfully selling its world-famous herbal liqueur, combining the great tradition of a family business with innovative marketing. Today, around 1000 employees work for Jägermeister worldwide. In addition to three German locations and subsidiaries in the USA, Great Britain and the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Jägermeister also has representative offices in China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Russia and South Africa. With its products, the family-owned company is present in over 140 markets. As an international company with strong roots in Germany, Jägermeister shapes developments in the market and inspires even more people worldwide every day for the brand. Mast-Jägermeister SE owes its great success to the work of its committed employees, who are passionately committed to the common goals of the company.

The Jägermeister production system
In 2017, the expansion and relocation of production lines in Wolfenbüttel Linden resulted in one of the largest and most modern spirits bottling plants in Europe. Driven by the vision of the new production system "Excite customers, hunt waste, master processes" the new Jägermeister production system (JMPS) was developed in cooperation with Porsche Consulting. The introduction is intended to drive goals such as efficiency and growth and to achieve greater flexibility in order to be able to respond to current trends.

The Dialog Picture
The principles of the production system are represented by 4 massive cornerstones in the production hall: "Lived perfection. Shaping the future. Qualified staff. Lean processes." The End2End value stream, which is geared towards the customer, starts at the top left with the fair purchase of the ingredients and ends at the bottom right with the worldwide delivery of the products. The production with its new principles forms the centre of the dialog picture.

A dialog picture as an effective communication tool for employees
In order for the new production system to deliver its desired benefits, all employees should be fully informed. In order to bridge the gap between theory and practice, an effective, collective as well as emotionalized means of communication is needed. It is intended to provide employees with the content as well as an overall overview. It is important that every employee finds himself in his or her individual role in the overall process. The dialog picture makes a major contribution here. The visual translation of the topics was developed in the course of a workshop together with the project managers of the end-to-end supply chain by Jägermeister, consultants of Porsche Consulting and DIALOGBILD. The basis for this was the visual world developed in advance.

During the workshop, the bottling plant was visited and thus, in a very short time, a highly professional further development of the visual world was made possible. Proposals and corrections were submitted in a very solution-oriented manner on site due to an incredibly high level of comprehension, so that the final visualisation could be completed very quickly. The associated development and final implementation of the image illustrates the direct connection of each process step in the entire value chain.

Roll-out of the dialog picture in the company
In order to present both the JMPS and the visualising dialog picture, all 250 employees of the extended supply chain were invited to a JMPS day-off at the Linden bottling plant.

As the cover image of the invitation, the dialog picture was used, which can now be found on the desk of many colleagues and thus conveys togetherness, recalls the principles of the JMPS and reminds of an enthusiastic day together. At the beginning of the event, the vision and the principles were explained on the basis of the dialog picture. The next day, the employees were able to experience the work of the individual teams at individual exhibition stands and thus get to know individual methods from the JMPS better.

Christopher Ratsch
Board member and sponsor of the JMPS project

"We started a joint trip with Porsche Consulting in 2019, which was a lot of fun for us. For us, the empowerment of our employees on the shop floor is a central aspect. Because they know the processes best, they are a part of them. I am convinced that our employees want to do the best possible job and want to constantly improve themselves and their processes, so you have to leave them and trust in their skills. Our responsibility in the leadership is to provide our colleagues with the necessary resources. This also includes dialog-oriented processes, such as those we have developed together."



Fair Trade

When purchasing our 56 different herbs, flowers and roots, Jägermeister attaches great importance to controlled trade, fair pricesand decent working conditions.

5S: sorting, systematizing, cleaning, standardizing, self-discipline & continuous improvement

5S serves as an instrument for making workplaces and their environment safe, clean and clear. Our employees not only check the checklist, but also audit it. This makes a major contribution to the transparency and traceability of the process for all employees alike.

Problem-solving process

The standardized problem-solving process is used for all downtimes ofa certain duration. It provides structured support in finding the cause, taking into account different perspectives and finding the solution in cooperation with all parties involved, in order to resolve the cause in a sustainable manner.

Common goals

Common goals can only be achieved if you are communicated transparently and clearly, if everyone knows the way there and looks in the same direction and pulls together.