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Every operation, every treatment causes a multitude of questions for the patient. What do I have to look out for before the operation, what happens to me during the operation, what are the risks and will I have pain after the anaesthesia? Will my life possibly even change?

No treatment process works without a consultation - from childbirth and heart surgery to chemotherapy. But how structured do you proceed? What information does your patient get stuck with? Have you ever thought about the treatment pathway in the form of a big picture? With our dialog pictures we explain the world of medicine to your patients. Step by step, we guide your patients through the treatment process using individual scenes. This reduces anxiety and saves your time.


The path to your individual treatment path is child'splay. You describe your individual process steps to us and after just a few days you will receive the first rough layout. We draw on our many years of experience in the healthcare sector and our image database with over 10,000 individual scenes. We adapt the clinic building or practice to your story and integrate up to 20 process steps chronologically. After two correction loops you will receive the high-resolution print file or posters and flyers printed for an extra charge. Take your patients with you on your journey and open the door to a complex world. With DIALOGBILD you ensure more transparency in the treatment process. The course of the day can be better planned for both the patient and the clinic staff. Fears are reduced, the quality level of treatment increased and the recovery process accelerated.


Increase the quality of your treatment

Use the dialog picture as a guideline and communication tool!

1. The guide for your staff
The standardized treatment pathway gives your clinic staff security and orientation in the often hectic working day. Every employee can see at a glance who has to do what and when. This in turn ensures a better coordination of all participants in the course of the therapy and diagnosis process and noticeably increases the quality of the treatment.

2. The communication tool for your patients
With the complete visualization of the treatment pathway, your patients will finally understand their stay at the clinic and fears will be reduced by the transparency of the processes. Patients are treated more efficiently with the help of a clearly defined process. This allows them to recover more quickly and be discharged earlier. Your care expenditure decreases.


Dialogbild Klinikbaukasten

1. Images with clinic building or practice
2. Rooms freely configurable
3. Relation to the region, e.g. mountains or lake
4. 20 individual process steps
5. individual headline
6. Integration of your logo


- Cost savings through image database
- Your treatment path in print quality
- Only 2 weeks development time
- All diseases can be visualized
- Cross-media usable
- Faster training of new employees
- More efficient consultations
- Increase of the quality level
- Better coordination of all parties involved
- Your patients know what awaits them
- Efficient therapies, quicker recovery
- Less care required