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About the company:
The medical centre Braunschweig provides maximum care for the area Braunschweig and is one of the biggest hospitals in Germany with its 1,428 total beds. By having 19 medical centres, 10 independent clinical departments and 6 institutions, the medical centre Braunschweig covers almost the whole range of subjects the medical science holds. Each year more than 58,000 patients will receive inpatient treatment and 150,000 outpatient treatment

The present dialog picture was developed for every employee at the medical centre Braunschweig, who is involved with the topic project management. It should provide support for all project participants and forms the basis for a common understanding in terms of planning, implementation and documentation of projects at the medical centre Braunschweig.

Department corporate development and central project management
(left to right) Cornelia Erlemann, Bianca Müller, David Skiba, Saskia Siegmund

“The process visualisation, specially created for the medical centre Braunschweig, is used for a reorientation and implementation of our processes reagrding the central project management. It is an ideal format to get all employees enthusiastic about the new process.

All relevant workflows and processes are illustrated in demonstrative scenes for all project participants. After the formalisation of all documents about project management we discussed all steps included in the process flow with an interdisciplinary team in workshops and developed ideas of illustrations which have been visualised by the team of DIALOGBILD.

We created a workflow regarding central project management as a means of support for every project participant to show all relevant information clearly and concisely. The visual implementation was made by DIALOGBILD. It was exciting to see how the images were made out of our written documents. All created documents and images can be found in our information brochure about central project management. It was first introduced to the public and then allocated to the other medical centres.“



Due to a continuous change in the healthcare landscape the medical centre Braunschweig is facing challenges and complex tasks. The bottom line is to identify these challenges together and deal with them. No matter if nursing staff, medical fraternity, technical service, administration or other departments.

Control of project idea

The author sends the filled form "project idea" to the central project management (ZPM) in a digital format. The ZPM checks the project idea in terms of importance and effectiveness and might complete it by discussing the idea with the author.

Approval of project application and economic efficiency

The management decides about the approval and economic efficiency of the project. As long as there are no objections the project is approved. The practical project phase will start now.

Merger of work packages

After all work packages/sub projects have been implemented they will be merged. The project management will coordinate this process. In order to accomplish the project aim all work packages/sub projects have to match like a puzzle.


Roll-Out Flyer Klinikum Braunschweig

As part of the roll-out we designed an additional guideline in form of an 8-page flyer. It contains the dialogue picture with explanations to the single scenes as well as a glossary.