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The Dax group Henkel operates worldwide with leading innovations, brands and technologies in the three business areas Adhesive Technology, Beauty Care and Laundry & Home Care. Founded in 1876, the company now employs around 53,000 people worldwide.

The Beauty Care division is active in the consumer business for hair cosmetics, body, skin and oral care as well as in the hairdressing business. Well-known brands are Schwarzkopf, Dial or Syoss.

In order to present the digital strategy of the Beauty Care business unit in an innovative way and to communicate it to the employees, Henkel commissioned a special dialog picture. In the optics of a modern video game, the viewer should be given an undestanding of the various playing fields and missions that are important for the success of the customer-centric digital strategy. In addition, particularly relevant key figures and skills are displayed for the respective mission, which enable the best possible customer experience and thus the passing of the mission. In the analogy of a video game the symbolism is representative of the digital future at Henkel Beauty Care.

The concept was developed in several rounds of digital briefings and workshops. A dialog picture moderator and a dialog picture illustrator have worked closely with the project managers. After the concept phase, the sketches of the overall visual world and the mission worlds were created. The illustrators worked out the individual scenes accordingly in the coordinated gaming optics. Finally, the dialog picture was programmed in an interactive version. This allows the customer to host the image on their intranet servers as an HTML5 version or use it as a local application on iOS and Windows computers. The user can use the various click points to zoom into the various missions and find out more about the content of the Henkel Beauty Care digital strategy.

Tim Petzinna
Corporate Vice President Growth & Digital Office
"Our strategy describes the successful future of digital marketing at Henkel Beauty Care.

DIALOGBILD makes it possible to experience visually how we accompany our consumers in their everyday lives and inspire them with digital solutions at various touchpoints.
In close cooperation with DIALOGBILD we have developed a completely new visual language in gaming style. The convincing implementation enables us to transport our vision and spark enthusiasm for digital marketing throughout the company."

Consumer touchpoints from the strategy