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Process optimization, strategy, cultural work and good communication are key to the VW Nutzfahrzeuge plant management Hanover in leading the way to a successful future. In the past, strategy and transformation processes were often accompanied by powerpoint "battles".There were numerous charts that tried to make it as comprehensible as possible what goals the company wanted to achieve and how it planed to get there.

Now the company wants to go other ways and has developed a vision for the future together with Goldpark and DIALOGBILD. On the one hand, the picture emerged in an intensive process, on the other hand, the discussion about the things that are important to the board in the picture led to a common understanding and also made it possible for different perspectives to be discussed and brought together.

This helps the Hannover plant to communicate its way into the the future with a common voice.

Thanks to the close cooperation between Goldpark and DIALOGBILD, the dialog picture was used for all events, informations and formats that relate to the transformation as well as to reflect the developments in the transformation process.


Udo Hitzmann
Plant manager

"For us and our colleagues, the picture enables a common understanding of goals and desired changes across all levels - this is the basis for a transformation that really takes place together."

The Dialogue Picture in Use

The dialogue picture was rolled out in a top-down process during various workshops.
The participants opened up the picture themselves, entered the dialogue and were able to identify well with the individual scenes.
The willingness to learn was thereby increased and the contents were taught sustainably.

Incidentally, the VW dialog picture is also available as a free sample poster.
Order now without obligation your personal copy: dialog@dialogbild.de


Lean processes

Only lean processes lead to success.

Break up silos

Employees free themselves from old patterns of action and thinking.

Hiding behind paragraphs

An employee hides behind regulations, company agreements and process descriptions rather than looking for solutions.

Overcoming one's weaker self

The employee learns to overcome his weaker self (which is visualized here as a "pig-dog", a german idiom for "one's weaker self").

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