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Affinion International is a pioneer, market leader and full-service provider in the area of value added marketing. Customer loyalty and direct marketing are its main business areas. The overriding idea of the dialogue picture is of a “value-added” amusement park on which Affinion can present its achievements. One can see at a glance that a bank with added value performance in its portfolio has much more to offer and is accordingly more attractive to customers than competitors without value added programs.

The Market Situation

All banks face constant, growing competition especially for direct banks and no fee accounts. Inflationary pressures force them into a downward spiral and as a result any consideration normally given to customer service is put aside. The field of competitors becomes more turbulent and hostile; customers are left unhappy and disoriented. The accounts referred to as no fee accounts are actually bogus. Customers gained through loss leaders are in truth counter-productive as they may change to another competitor as soon as a better offer appears. So that this downward spiral of inflation can be fought against, a new strategy must be found - value-added banking. Value-added banking helps to keep customers happy and thereby increase their loyalty to the bank which leads to high turnover.

The advantage of value-added banking

Contrary to the direct bank, a value-added bank offers a rewarding and pleasant atmosphere where customers gladly stay longer. There are no hidden costs. Value-added accounts are available depending on the performance of various package rates whereby all costs are covered.
The main advantages of value-added banking:

• a rise in customer satisfaction

• an increase in customer loyalty which leads to

• a rise in cross selling and thus an increase in yields


Key Service & Locksmith Emergency Service

The customer receives a keychain with an individual registration number. It is automatically registered at a local service center. Should a key be found, it is returned by registered mail to the customer. If a customer is locked out, they can use the locksmith emergency service to contact the service center which sends a locksmith to come and open the door. The customer pays only one fixed price as well as any possible material costs.

The service counter is open 24/7

Customer analyses show that security and service issues are of paramount importance. Therefore, they are at the center of value-added accounts. As regards the service center, it is staffed 24/7, always ready to assist customers. They can be assured that their value-added accounts are safe and secure due to the vast number of security measures which are represented in the dialogue picture.

Purchased goods insurance

This type of insurance covers securities established in the Premium market. Goods for personal use are automatically insured against loss due to theft, fire or accidental damage for a period of 90 days after purchase.

The Concierge Service

A contracted service which assists in any and all cases. One call to the service center is sufficient as the concierge service will then handle all the individual needs and desires of the client. From information on suppliers to reservations of a wide variety of services and events, the concierge service stands ready to address all enquiries.