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In its mission statement Volksbank Ulm-Biberach eG presents itself to its customers as a high-performance member bank in its region, which conducts its business according to economic, ecological, ethical and social principles. The dialog picture is based on a regional imagery, embedded in the region between Swabian Alb and Lake Constance. The two connecting roads A7 and B30 are an orientation through the picture and at the same time symbolize the different consulting services for corporate and private customers. In addition, they symbolize the life cycles of the members and customers with the Volksbank Ulm-Biberach eG as a partner and the associated success.

Thomas Weskamp
Head of Corporate Development, Communications and Human Resources at Volksbank Ulm-Biberach eG

"The aim of developing the dialog picture was to make the features of our bank visible in a an easy and pleasant way. At the same time we wanted to create a basis for discussion in which we can show our customers and business partners what we are all about. Through the clear, expressive and understandable drawings, the viewer's interest is awakened - and by dealing with the details of the image the viewer begins to interpret and ask questions. This way we started many discussions with our employees. Our dialog picture does not only work externaly, but also supports us in the internal communication of our values. The examination of the "wanted" and the concomitant concrete description of the situations has also created a good basis for us the implementation of the dialog picture. The cooperation with the Dialogbild team went smoothly and quickly - it was listened to, understood and implemented. The dialogue between bank and agency was very fruitful. Highly Recommended!"