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Metroplan uses the dialog picture method to effectively convey the vision and the fields of activity of the business area Production Management to new employees and customers. The picture offers a complete overview of the versatile vision content as well as specific glimpses of all the sections. The picture is focused on the factory planning process, which is the core competence of the company. The picture describes the tasks of the Metroplan employees in the entire process and shows the customer′s creative possibilities. Apart from that important points of intersection and connections are shown regarding topics like standardization, work-life-balance and quality of service.

Dr.-Ing. Oliver Lieske
Executive Metroplan Production Management GmbH

 “The dialog picture enables new employees and customers to comprehend the fields of activity, the goals and the self-understanding of the Metroplan people in an intuitive and uncomplicated but still professional way. The way to the dialog picture itself, however, was as important as the result. During common workshops the content and also the direction of the company were established for the next few years, and adapted to the wishes and talents of the staff, with the help of all colleagues. This way we could develop a consistent and transparent understanding of our work focus and expectations. This assures effective communication within the team and prevents misunderstandings.”

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The Goal: Every work process is standardized. This provides a consistent internal understanding of the tasks of the employees and assures an efficient execution.

The Metroplan team structures and sorts the creative idea variety of the customer. Customer needs are put into context to all relevant aspects of Production Management.

Factory planning is teamwork. All ideas and contents come together during the planning process. The already standardized procedures facilitate a structured and efficient execution. Customer wishes and specialist input of external experts are included.

The Metroplan employees locally supervise the implementation of the projects. All steps of implementation are planned and prepared precisely to guarantee a smooth execution.