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Economy and happiness – companies from Hamburg and Berlin surprise Nobel Peace Prize winner with personalized map of happiness

For personal happiness, Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus from Bangladesh suggests an easy solution: To become happy with oneself you only need to invest in other people′s happiness. The founder of the Grameen Bank has already invested in more than 7.5 million women by giving them microloans. Exactly 10 years ago the 76 year old was awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. In honour of this occassion two german companies suprised Yunus with a personal „world map of happiness“.

The image′s shape is made up of continents, oceans and rivers to visualize Yunus′s strengthes, values, achievements and his vision of a world without poverty. Kerstin Humberg, founder of Yunel, came up with the idea of creating a happiness map.


If complex company worlds and visions can be visualized, why not visualize the life of special humans? No sooner said than done. Together Kerstin Humberg and DIALOGBILD realised Yunus′ happy image based on biographical interviews with the Nobel Piece Prize winner in Bangladesh.

Muhammad Yunus is impressed with the result and wants to spread his happiness factory globally. Especially as inspiration for the next generation: “Imagination is what drives human life to higher levels. Imagine the world that you would like to live in. Create its picture in your mind, and it will become reality."

Dialogbild is the leading provider of dialogue pictures in Europe. By using visual solutions Dialogbild GmbH supports companies such as BMW, Lufthansa and Continental to impart knowledge as well as to visualize processes of change or visions. Yunel is a start-up company from Berlin with the objective to realize human potential. Yunel uses happiness research findings to support people to reflect on their lifes. The results are biographical products in the shape of books or elaborate complex designed maps of lives such as the one from Yunus.

Muhammad Yunus and Kerstin Humberg at the presentation of the happiness map in Mannheim
(Photo: Sabrina Asche)