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The AOK Health Insurance in Hesse has one goal: Growth. The crucial factor here is the construction of competitive advantages. In the dialogue picture growth is reflected through the construction of the arena. More room for new customers is created in order to expand the market leadership of the health insurance in the federal state. Additionally there are different target fields implemented in the picture to accomplish the main goal. 
For example the price has to stay competitively viable, the brand needs to become alive and the service has to be marvelous. All employees contribute to this. The AOK Hessen uses the dialogue picture to convey goals and strategies to their employees.

The dialogue picture was developed in cooperation with all executives. So to say “from the AOK for the AOK". Initially a superior background-world was established fitting to the main goal: growth. The basic motive shows a sports stadium under construction (growth). Sports and movement symbolize health; the stadium is an emotional experience. All our executives developed the individual scenes of the dialogue picture in small groups. The idea was to find and sketch matching stadium-motifs for the individual goals of the company such as price, products, service, etc.

Afterwards the best scenes were picked out and integrated in the “AOK-Arena“ background. The individual scenes were illustrated by hand, coloured digitally and joined together to one big picture. The dialogue picture was given to all executives as a poster.

• clarify goals and strategies
• visualize goals and strategies
• improve internal communication
• involve MA in decisions
• support ideas and motivations of the MA
• be a practical aid to executives

Manuel Drinnenberg
Company policy, communications and marketing, AOK – The Health Insurance in Hessen

„Successful companies need a clear vision of what they want to accomplish. At the same time they have to convince their employees of it. In many cases this is the hardest part. The goals and strategies of the AOK Hessen are not only illustrated clearly in the dialogue picture, in a simple manner it makes them come alive for the employees. Our executives can use the dialogue picture according to their individual requirements or complementary to other communication tools in the individual dialogue, in meetings, workgroups or employee trainings. Furthermore the dialogue picture enjoys great popularity in the offices. The employees look at it curiously, explore the individual scenes and get into conversations with each other. The key factor for good communication is accomplished: talk regularly about goals and strategies and give them an awareness in the employees mind without moralizing undertones.“


Appraisal and encouragement interview

The executive has an appraisal and encouragement interview with an employee. Supported by the human resources and organizational development tasks are explained and processes are discussed in detail, for example to increase the productivity in the company.

New offers, business models and product ideas

The two playing children stand for the development of offers and business models as well as the testing of product ideas that are still in the early stages of development.

Identification, motivation and collaboration

The identification, motivation and collaboration of all employees is vital to accomplish the increase goal.

The employees as team

The employees work as a team, communicate with each other and involve themselves in the company as a whole as well as in projects and workgroups. The competencies of the individual employees are different according to age, gender or background.