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OTTO is the only former catalog retailer worldwide that has not only successfully made the leap into the digital world but has also managed to evolve.

With the OTTO ”Marketplace“, OTTO provides external merchants the opportunity to benefit from the online shop’s reach by selling their goods through the marketplace. OTTO developed a new transaction system that starts at the online shop and handles the shipping, including the option for returns.

To clearly communicate this newly initiated purchasing process, OTTO commissioned a dialog picture. The of the collaboration was particularly on illustrating the synergies that arise between OTTO, external merchants and the necessary process flows.

Alexander Gödeke
Senior Expert Business Architecture, Logistics & Services

”The OTTO ”Marketplace“ is a virtual space that, through the collective contributions of all participants and their activities, brings a new dimension to our shipping company. The dialog picture manages to clearly depict the complexity and interconnections of the processes, providing a base that everyone can refer to and work with.“

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