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Future is an attitude ...

... a vision that more than 43,000 employees in Ingolstadt alone are working on effectively and with passion. For more than 70 years, well-known models have rolled out of production all over the world. Enthusiastic customers can follow the basic principles of production on a guided tour of the plant. When designing the visitor route, the company once again opted for a dialog picture to visualize the individual logistics processes. The processes and interrelationships can be grasped at first glance and are presented in an easily understandable way from a bird's eye view.


During the process, the content of the dialog image was developed in several web conferences. Together with an illustrator and consultant from DIALOGBILD and a team from AUDI AG, the topics were developed and partly sketched live. In this way, all participants were actively involved in the development process and had the opportunity to help shape the dialog picture. After the final fine-tuning of the content, the dialog picture was finally visualized in color and in a high level of detail.

Beate Schneeberger
Supply Chain Ingolstadt

"The aim of this project was to give visitors to the Audi plant in Ingolstadt an understanding of the activities and functions of the supply chain. The challenge was to depict the complex and partly invisible processes of the supply chain as well as the extensive areas of responsibility in a structured and clearly understandable way for our visitors.
With the help of DIALOGBILD, we were able to capture our process descriptions holistically in a unique image composition, allowing all departments of the supply chain to identify together as a team."


Individual scenes and their meaning

All deliveries are digitally monitored.
Pre-sorted components for assembly.
Assembly of a component
Customer delivery