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The Company

Continental has been developing intelligent technologies for the mobility of people and their goods since 1871. Almost 150 years of successful corporate history are no coincidence, but the result of continuous innovation and a clear strategic goal. In a dynamic and globalized market, this means a consistent focus on leadership, as guidance and communication across all hierarchical levels allow strategies and ideas to become success stories.

The film development

Together with 12 top executives, we discussed in a live visualization workshop, exactly how leadership in a large global corporation can function successfully. The result, a uniform understanding of the topic by all participants and a first screenplay, which was subsequently worked out and filmed.

Katharina Rath
Human Relations Head of Talent Management & Organizational Development Division Interior

"DIALOGBILD advised and supported us in the conception and development of the dialog film for the Interior division of Continental AG. The service was very professional from the first contact to the completion of the project. Particularly with regard to the tight project time frame, the DIALOGBILD team did an excellent job. The dialog film turned out great and is used very intensively in house."

Management tasks are often subordinated or too lowly prioritized in the operative business...


... although, it often doesn’t take much time to lead by example.


200,000 employees share a common vision because their leaders give them guidance.