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Dialogbild developed an e-learning-tool (interactive dialogue picture) for the onboarding processes at KIA Motors which is in use for new employees on welcoming events. Shaped by their corporate values „People“, „Collaboration“, „Globality“, „Challenge“ and „Customer“ the location sites as well as the individual departments of the European headquarterts are introduced to the new employees. The interactive dialogue media enables the KIA Motors employees to inform themselves independently about functions and interrelations within and between the indivual departments.

Beate Baier
Manager OD & Training KIA Motors

„Since 2012 KIA Motors is among the top 100 global brands. The brand and its awareness have grown enormously. At the same time not just the number of employees in the European headquarters in Frankfurt is growing but also in the individual european sales corporations. By this, the optimization and standardization of the onboarding process for new employees is crucial and thus ensures that the companies brand awareness is really lived inside.
We have decided to use an interactive dialogue picture as the perfect addition to our general onboarding practices – here we are able to communicate the overall corporate values while adressing the indiviual and consider country specifics, different departments, methods.“


New employees are welcomed at the company and introduced to all important processes and guidelines.

A free, international lunch for all employees in the canteen increases appreciation.

In the KIA design center Europe in Frankfurt the cee′d, the first car, that has been completly designed and built in Europe, was developed.

After the approval from headquarters in Korea, the production starts.