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Companies around the world are faced with the challenge of preparing their employees and customers for digitization. In order to support person-to-person consulting Deutsche Vermögensberatung (German Financial Consulting) offers their financial consultans MeineApp (MyApp) as a new digital link between them and their clients. MeineApp includes a digital insurance and financial folder, a variety of practical functions and information on all aspects of hedging and asset accumulation. As part of the launch of MeineApp, on the one hand, it was important to familiarize financial consultans with the features and contents of MeineApp, on the other hand, to give them something to help their clients understand the benefits of the app.

Therefore DIALOGBILD and Deutsche Vermögensberatung jointly developed an explanatory picture in a workshop, which illustrates the essential content and application scenarios of MeineApp. The image was realized in two interactive versions: one version for the target group customer, a second one for the target group financial consultant.