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For 189 years, Sparkasse Oberhessen has stood by the people of Oberhessen as a partner and companion in financial matters, as well as a provider of impetus and support. With around 250,000 customers, Sparkasse Oberhessen is today the No. 1 financial partner in the Wetterau district and the Vogelsberg district. It is the economic driving force and reliable partner for the local economy as well as the principal bank for the municipalities and thus also a guarantor for regional development.

In the 189 years of its existence, the Sparkasse has always moved with the times. It continues to do so today, and in an increasingly digitalized world is developing into an everywhere financial services provider very close to its customers: with intuitive online banking, a multiple award-winning savings bank app, media and digital advisory and service offerings by phone, chat and e-mail, as well as personal advice on site. True to the motto "We can't stop change, but we can shape it," it looks to the future with confidence.

With the EPEUM® culture program and the Strategy 2030 project - Our path to a successful tomorrow - Sparkasse Oberhessen has consistently set out on the path toward securing the future of its savings bank. The transformation towards a new, transparent and positively lived corporate culture is in full swing. Its future project "Strategy 2030" is essentially about developing an idea - a vision - today of what the savings bank could look like in a decade's time in order to continue to be successful. In the five identified topic areas of "Private Customers," "Corporate Customers," "Operations & Processes," "Human Resources," and "Steering," the respective interdisciplinary and cross-hierarchically structured project teams have started work and demonstrated: We have considerable potential for improvement - in our organization, in our processes, in sales and in increasing our earnings.


Schabana Zargarzada

Consultant Board of Directors

What was the objective of the picture?

Change processes are usually complex. It is even more complex to put these changes into words only. To illustrate our self-image and our goals, we designed this picture together with the competent team from DIALOGBILD, true to the credo "A picture says more than 1,000 words". It is intended to visualize the path we have taken and our new corporate culture in a vivid way, to make it comprehensible and to invite discussion.

What is the target group for the medium?

Basically all employees of our company, but also our Board of Directors as the supervisory body. Our Executive Board team deliberately presented the picture to all colleagues for the first time at our staff meeting and described the key scenes. Our dialog picture now hangs in meeting rooms and hallways at all our sites. The individual scenes are deliberately described only briefly in the specially created online application on our intranet, so that there is enough "food for discussion" and room for interpretation. We want everyone in our Sparkasse to talk about it and discuss it. Because that's the only way to fill the picture with life. And that's exactly what we're inviting people to do.







What are the advantages of visual communication?

Quite simply - making complex things understandable at a glance.

How did you perceive the collaboration with DIALOGBILD?

In short: professional, because the DIALOGBILD team always understood how to translate our ideas into good visual language and provided valuable impulses.

How did the image development work?

The image was developed by an eight-person cross-hierarchy and cross-departmental working group together with the moderators and illustrators from DIALOGBILD. It was important to us that the core ideas come from the heart of the team and that we are free in the design. After all, a change process within a large organization is something that has to be understood and supported by all employees.

Do you have a favorite scene?

Yes, it's the "rocket." When we live our new corporate culture in our savings bank, the result is a new way of working together and a new self-image of how we can and want to work together successfully: appreciative and trusting, firmly anchored in a lived culture of values, as well as self-reliant and self-initiated.

What is the feedback from colleagues?

Positive throughout. Our invitation to talk about visual scenes in every team meeting has been well received. We also know from the evaluation of our online application that almost all employees have already dealt with the visualized messages in detail. This shows that we are on exactly the right track with the dialog picture to communicate complex things in an understandable way.




Our foundation: The networked Sparkasse logo

On the one hand, Sparkasse Oberhessen builds on proven values such as reliability, regionality and customer orientation. At the same time, it is firmly embedded, networked and grounded in a diverse environment. At the same time, it is modern and becoming increasingly digital.

The start: Bridge "Corporate Culture" TEAM

Everyone sets out together on the path to a successful tomorrow. They are leaving old thought patterns, fears and hierarchies behind. Daily activities are supported by the new corporate culture.

Rocket launch

The values that are lived lead to success and pave the way for how together the Sparkasse can be led into a successful tomorrow if everyone works together on a firm basis and value culture.


Sparkasse Oberhessen is an attractive employer. Employees benefit from various offers such as mobile working, pension programs and employee conditions. The topic of sustainability also plays a central role here: for example, with the job bike offer, the Sparkasse supports employees in being particularly environmentally friendly on the road.