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Sparkasse Hannover, one of the largest savings banks in Germany, began to address the process of cultural change as early as the beginning of 2017. In several workshops, the questions "how is digital change changing Sparkasse Hannover?", "what does Sparkasse Hannover stand for in the future?" and "what common goals do we have?" were discussed from both employee and customer perspectives and then visually translated.

Low interest rate environment, stricter regulation, high competitive pressure from banks and non-banks - this situation is the new reality in the banking business. It is not the circumstances that will change, but the institutions that will have to adapt to the new circumstances. Without strategic and operational adjustments, interest-based business models will not work in the low interest rate environment.

In order to maintain their market leadership position in competition with new providers from the FinTech sector, traditional credit institutions must recognise the digital demands of their customers at an early stage and integrate them into their products and services. Digitisation plays the central role in this present and future challenge.

With the dialog picture, Sparkasse Hannover has created a basis for taking a look into tomorrow from a foundation of strength in the here and now. An image that stimulates internal dialog about the future.


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We strive for a life-long partnership business relationship at eye level. We achieve this through fairness and transparency in product design, pricing and honesty in our advice. We offer individual solutions for every customer, according to the individual life situation, wishes and possibilities.

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