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The Kreissparkasse Herzogtum Lauenburg can proudly look back at their story of success: They are the number one in their region! Still, they do not rest on their laurels, because they know that they are still facing huge challenges.

In order to handle those challenges the Kreissparkasse breaks fresh grounds:
Increasing profits through further developing their marketing policy and also improving efficiency by consequently optimizing their processes as well as structures referring to the model of the Deutschen Sparkassen- und Giroverband.


All employees are required to actively shape and participate in this change process. Therefore the strategy path has been communicated with the help of the dialogue picture right from the start. In order to have all 650 employees on board, the Kreissparkasse organized a roadshow with the first dialogue picture and used an interactive version of the picture to introduce the strategy path. Afterwards the employees were informed biannual about the state of the change process, for which Dialogbild created slides showing a magnifying glass zooming in on individual scenes.

Christoph Herbers
Projectmanager „Vertriebssparkasse 2020

"A representative employee survey from 2010 shows that our employees are rather unfamiliar with our business strategy even though most of them fully support our business decisions. This result reflects a strong trust on part of our employees, but also tells us that the current communication channels we’ve been using so far can clearly be optimized."

Dennis Grote
Sub-Projectmanager „Personnel-/Changemanagement“

"For this reason, we decided to communicate our strategy „Vertriebssparkasse 2020“ through a dialogue picture and additional action such as handing out dialogue picture-flyers as well as spreading internal corporate information. This proved a success! Another representive survey among employees from April 2013 revealed that 83 % of the employees that have been interviewed, have understood the aims of our strategy path."


An interactive version was created for the roadshow, through which the board could click through.
This is how an exciting presentation mode was created.

Dialogbild für KSKHL


Dialogbild für KSKHL


The Board of Directors

The change process is being actively promoted by the board of directors. They supervise all corporate developments and control all relevant processes.

Adjustment of the market structure

The new job allocation of the customer consultants should ensure a long-term relationship between the customer and our consultants. Hence, the Kreissparkasse accompanies their customers through all stages of their life.

Introduction of a new check account model

By the introduction of new check account models, the Kreissparkasse offers affordable and fair prices to their customers based on their individual customer behaviour. The check account Premium-customers can lean back and relax – the KSKHL takes care of everything.

Process management

Important processes have to be be continuously controlled and guided. A timely identification of quality  problems contributes to the overall customer satisfaction.


Along with every dialogue picture we designed a flyer which was handed out to all employees. This ensured that the content which was also explained during the employee meeting, is communicated sustainably and will not be forgotten after a short while.