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Nordmark is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Uetersen. Around 600 people are currently involved in the production of active ingredients and pharmaceuticals of biological and biotechnological origin, which are the company's core competencies.

With the right technology and the necessary know-how in its workforce, Nordmark has successfully positioned itself internationally in this niche. To show the diversity and competence, as well as the cohesion and commitment of each individual in a common picture, Nordmark turned to DIALOGBILD.


The picture shows the Nordmark country with the different buildings of the business units. In the upper left corner, the supply chain starts at the logistics center, which is the first supply point for active ingredient production. After testing and processing of the active ingredients by the employees, the pharmaceutical production begins.

Here, after further processing, the finished product is created, which is then packaged and labeled with the Nordmark logo. Other work processes such as research and development, customer consulting and price negotiations, but also inspection and approval are shown in the lower right corner. All these processes together lead to Nordmark being able to ship the manufactured products.



A research & development staff member tests several samples on the parallel reactors.


In the laboratory there is an HPLC, Petri dishes, Erlenmeyer flasks. A lab employee in a white coat waves the Erlenmeyer flask in the air.


In the packaging line, the batches are packaged, labeled and then marked with the Nordmark logo.

Happy patient

After visiting the doctor, the patient obtained a Nordmark drug from the pharmacy. Now she is finally relieved of the discomfort.