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Bäderland is the urban swimming pool operator in Hamburg with a broad offer of services in the fields swimming, fitness, wellness and relaxation. With 26 indoor and outdoor pools, Bäderland is Germany‘s largest and Europe‘s second largest swimming pool operator. To communicate the newly revised company mission and the future company goals to the employees and to create a common understand, Bäderland decided on the development of a dialog picture. The contents of the company mission and the company goals were developed in two interdisciplinary and cross-divisional workshops. Every professional group within the company was included in this development process. The following questions were focused on: What do we stand for? What do we want to stand for?

Company mission and goals

Bäderland has been known to the Hamburgian population for many generations as point of reference for recreational activities, gathering spot or sports provider. Even as a vital place for swimming training and as largest recreational facility in terms of area in the Hansa city, our pools and we as employees make up an important part of this modern city‘s life. With our diverse locations and services, we see ourselves as partners of competitive and amateur sports in Hamburg.

Several million visitors can rely on their security being our highest priority every year. It is our demand that all modern sports- and leisure pools be presented in best possible condition. First-class service and customer oriented offers, from infant swimming to sauna-experiences, are natural expectations for us. As active market participant in the Hamburgian sports- and leisure time market, we face tough competition and convince our visitors through a high engagement for an unclouded guest experience. Next to safety, cleanliness and service, we stand out through the steering of our company focused on economical principles in all of our decision. A high environmental and energy-consciousness is a core element of our sustainable company management and because of this, deeply embedded in our decision making process. We earn the trust of our partner in this city through transparency, reliability and a long-lasting, successful and understandable company strategy.

Equal opportunities and a fair interaction with one another are central aspects in the daily work life for us. We encounter each other with an open , respectful and open-minded mindset, to reach our goals as a communicty. Direct and honest communication free of fears across all company hierarchies is meant to foster the unbiased and constructive togetherness.

The development process

After a personal briefing, DIALOGBILD developed three different landscape ideas. Together with a project team from Bäderland from the sectors human resources, public relations and marketing, individual scenes were created in in sketch format and integrated into the landscape during a workshop. During a second workshop, the broader leadership was integrated into the dialog picture process. The first workshop result was used as a basis and further developed together, by changing scenes, improved and/or recreated when necessary.

The finalized dialog picture was then rolled out and introduced during works meetings. At this point employees had the chance to voice last change requests in regards to the company mission, which were finalized afterwards. The final dialog picture was then printed out in large format for all 26 indoor and outdoor pools and approved for roll out by the pool leadership board. The pool leadership board enters an intensive excjamge with their employees through the dialog picture and deals in detail with the realization of the topics.

The landscape

In a first step the three landscapes were developed. The landscape structures the picture thematically and creates the stage for the individual dialog picture scenes. The landscapes mirrors the base message of the picture through an over-arching metaphor and allows for story telling.


Landscape ”Indoor Swimming pool“

The Bäderland services are depicted within an example of an indoor swimming pool. One can see, for example: a swimming pool, a slide, a sauna and a play area for small children.

Landscape ”Underwater world“

Basis for this landscape is a colourful under water world. The topics offers, public contract, self-image and culture are illustrated in a n abstract way through various scenes.

Landscape ”Hamburg-Pool“

A map of the Hamburgian cityscape is depicted as a massive swimming pool and around it the various offers are depicted.


Michael Dietel, Markus Pinkernelle, Martina Schwenker
Speaker for the company director PR lead, HR lead, Marketing Manager

”We found the collaboration with DIALOGBILD all around really successful. The speed at which the dialog picture was created was great and we had a constant contact person with whom everything could be discussed. What especially impressed us, was how quickly the complex and industry specific topics were understood and how strikingly they were depicted. We also greatly enjoy how the picture inspires for thorough viewing through its complexity and that one can always discover something new. A great value is created through the individual scenes, which often display much more than we had initially thought. The individual picture create a number of different intentions in our employees and inspire constructive discussions and great conversations. Even the first company internal feedback was thoroughly positive. Everyone can recognize their function and role within the picture and can identify themselves within the individual scenes.“

Individual scenes and their meaning

Aqua Fitness

Diverse services: Aqua fitness services offer a perfect combination between effective training, healthy motion and a lot of fun.

Emergency doctor

A matter of course: Every year, several million visitors can rely on us to see their safety as our highest priority.

Pool leader and technicians

Culture: We encounter each other with an open, respectful and open-minded mindset, to reach our goals as a community.

Learning to swim
Public contract: During the swimming training, children learn the most important base techniques of swimming, of course, having fun shouldn’t fall short.