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VR Bank Nord eG is a cooperative bank that currently employs 474 people and has a modern interpretation of the basic cooperative principles:

Regionality and Down-to-earthness, Customer Orientation and Partnership, Member Commitment and Solidarity as well as Transparency and Reliability A foundation is created on these basic pillars that places the customer business at the center, as well as recognizing and promoting potential in the region. In this way, VR Bank Nord eG works every day to actively shape personal contact with its customers and to keep an innovative eye on the changing dynamics in the region.



After the successful merger in 2018, we noticed during an employee survey that ambiguities emerged. What is the role of each employee and what strategies are we pursuing together? To answer these questions and strengthen the cultural foundation, VR Bank Nord eG turned to DIALOGBILD. The focus was not on a rigid strategic target image, but on using the deliberate scope for interpretation of an image to show the roles and interaction of all teams. In this way, all employees were to see their tasks in the overall picture, and combine internal awareness of this with an open attitude toward future changes.


Klaus Lehmann
Manager Control & Development

"The Board of Management has explained the picture to all employees and the feedback on it has been very positive. A reference to the picture is ensured in the regular employee meetings. Current topics are integrated into the picture and thus put into context. The dialog and the topicality ensure a sustainable benefit of the picture. Through the additionally created interactive version, all viewers can establish an active and even more intensive relationship to the contents of the picture and also externalize it. It shows us that we as a company are capable of shaping the future collectively, while always remaining true to our most important principles and visions in order to keep our customers at the center of our attention. "

Individual scenes and their meaning

The customer is our focus.

Partner at eye level - close to our customers Life companion for our customers in all age groups and segments (private customers as well as corporate customers)


Creating solutions

We create solutions for financing concerns, make qualified credit decisions in tandem at eye level and monitor them.

The way to the future

Together we create the path to the future.

Financing and real estate brokerage

Real estate management, annuity, partial sale - all from one source.