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HELM AG, a traditional Hamburg-based family business with a history of more than 120 years, is a multifunctional sales organisation in: chemicals, pesticides, active pharmaceutical ingredients and drugs and fertilisers. Today HELM is one of the world's largest chemical marketing companies and, with more than 100 branches, sales offices and holdings in over 30 countries, ensures access to the most important markets through specific regional knowledge.

The HELM Annual Meeting 2019 in the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce was held under the motto "Together. Today. Tomorrow. ". After a welcoming speech by the CEO, a more in-depth program followed in several sessions. On the main stage the participants were offered a panel discussion and in three other rooms on the upper floor of the Chamber of Commerce a more in-depth programm on the commercial transactions took place.

DIALOGBILD accompanied the event with three illustrators in a graphic recording and visually captured the emotions of the people and contents of the program both on the main stage and in the further sessions. The contents on the main stage were visualized analog on a 2 x 1 m screen. In the three rooms on the upper floor the contents were digitally recorded.

The results were then prepared as a thank you card and sent to the employees. The results were also used in internal communication on the intranet and in the employee magazine.

Annegret Dehning
Event organization HELM AG

"The cooperation with DIALOGBILD was creative and solution-oriented from the very first contact. To accompany our event in the different rooms and subject areas was challenging and was accompanied in a very professional and cooperative way. The result also fulfilled all our expectations. We will be happy to work with DIALOGBILD again at a suitable opportunity. "