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KONE is one of the world's leading providers of complete solutions for elevators and escalators, automatic door and gate systems as well as modernization and manufacturer-independent maintenance of these product groups.

Together with 60 executives, the KONE Top Management 2015 dedicated themselfes in a multi-day workshop to the topics of leadership, management and matrix organization. A factbook designed in advance by Dialogbild supported the participants in structuring and reflecting on the event .

However, in order to convey the many discussions, workshop sessions and lectures in a sustainable way and make them accessible, DIALOGBILD was also on site with an illustrator and created a graphic recording of the entire event. All contents and results found their way to a total of four large-format posters, which were made available to KONE for free use and now ensure that the workshop topics in the organization remain alive.

Christian Baumgartner
Managing Director KONE GmbH

"At KONE, we are always concerned with leadership, and we want to raise awareness among our managers to walk around the company with open eyes and ears, so that they are always critically addressing this issue. Last year, we were looking for a new approach that would allow us to involve all our executives and all our employees in the long term.

That's why we chose an innovative and creative approach to record to event. With the first brush strokes of the illustrator it became clear that the graphic recording is much more than the preparation of a protocol. The workshop has definitely gained clarity through the live translation of the spoken words into drawn images, which is also reflected in the results.

This way, we were able to ensure that no information would be left out and everything kept in the right context, even during an ongoing discussion. We are very convinced of the method and look forward to further cooperation with DIALOGBILD."

Photos from the Workshop

The result of the graphic recording

Kone Graphic Recording

The Fact book for the event

Kone Factbook

The fact book accompanying the two-day event was met with great interest among the 60 executives, as individual notes and thoughts on topics such as common values ​​and principles could be recorded.

A map and an agenda in the fact book gave the participants additional orientation and feedback could be submitted via a leaflet. Thus the topics of the event styled with each participant and left a positive impression.