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With total assets of more than € 5.4 billion, 42 branches and around 750 employees, VR Bank Metropolregion Nürnberg eG is the second largest cooperative bank in Bavaria and one of the largest cooperative banks in Germany.

It is deeply rooted in the Nuremberg metropolitan region and is an ever-reliable partner for its customers and shareholders, an attractive employer and an important economic factor.

With its vision and its brand core values derived from it, which define the strategic positioning of the bank for a successful path into the future by taking into account the individual strengths and future opportunities of the affiliated branches of VR Bank Nürnberg eG, VR Bank Erlangen-Höchstadt-Herzogenaurach eG and VR meine Bank eG, the bank creates transparent strategic framework conditions for this.

However, no forward-looking strategic orientation can be successful without the active involvement of employees in the initiated change process.

The basis for this is transparent and comprehensive communication that explains the vision and the further future strategic orientation to the employees in a comprehensible way.

For this reason, DIALOGBILD GmbH was chosen as a partner for the implementation of this visual communication.

Our dialog picture is divided into different scene areas. These depict the traditional origins and history of our company, the regional ties and anchoring of our branches, and our departure across the "bridge to the future" with the defined core brand values of our company.

The scenarios also focus on the omni-channel sales orientation of our bank as a companion to the prosperity of our customers in all phases of their lives, the future world of digital customers, the innovative use of technology, and the inclusion of sustainability and ecology as well as our cooperative network partners. The scenario presentations visualize the tailored individual sales approaches for the main customer groups from the various private and commercial sectors as well as construction financing and payment processing.

The cooperative partnership, which is of great strategic importance to our bank, is also highlighted in the dialog picture. It is precisely this unique selling point of partnership that will be promoted more strongly in the future through an innovative value-added program that also takes account of the networking concept.

Our attractiveness as an employer, presented as a magnet/point of attraction for students and school leavers, and our comprehensive social commitment, visualized by the handover of a donated vehicle, round off the dialog picture.

Dirk Helmbrecht
Chairman of the Board

"With our dialog picture we put our vision, our mission as well as our brand core values, i.e. much of what we stand for with our stakeholders in our region, on a professional visual basis as part of our transparent communication.
We chose DIALOGBILD GmbH for the creative realization, because they inspired and convinced us with their many years of experience and their professional dedicated consulting.
In a joint workshop, central strategic thematic areas of our vision, mission and brand core values were elaborated, central messages were derived and visualized in scene images. The very successful finished dialog picture was presented to all managers and employees during our bank-internal Future Day and the core statements contained therein were clearly explained.
We also plan to post an interactive version of the dialog image on the bank's intranet as part of our external communications."


Departure / Willingness and ability to change

The symbol "bridge" represents the departure and the willingness and ability to change, taking into account new technologies for transformation into the future.


Branches as a sales engine

The omni-channel sales system presented under the branch umbrella symbolizes not only the services provided directly at the counter, self-service banking, and personal advice, but also the cooperative advisory services provided at all stages of the customer's life (from birth to old age).

Shareholders as a success factor

Cooperative partnership is a unique selling point for our banking group and is therefore of great strategic importance for our bank. It is precisely this unique selling proposition of partnership that will be increasingly promoted in the future through an innovative value-added program that also takes account of the network concept.

Employer attractiveness and social commitment

Employer attractiveness of our bank presented as a magnet / point of attraction for students, school leavers and applicants as well as our comprehensive social commitment, which is represented by the visualized handover of a donated vehicle, are further core themes of our dialog image.