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How do we manage to deliver our vision and strategy to our employees, to bring everyone to a common understanding and to embed them into the (future) work to ensure that our bank is aligned as stable, successful and future-proof? How do we manage to deliver the path of our vision and strategy with the same content into our house, without losing important integral facts, or rather, to create room for interpretation through a new choice of words? These questions gave us the idea to translate our formulated vision and strategy into a picture-based language, true to the adage: “a picture says more than 1,000 words.”
We, the Volksbank Bruchsal-Bretten eG, a medium-sized Volksbank in Baden, with total assets around €3.3bn and 526 employees. The one favorite scene does not exist for us, as the entire dialog picture reflects us, the Volksbank Bruchsal-Bretten, our engagement for the region, our acts, our vision and idea of the future.



Our dialog picture shows:

  • the core messages of our five focus topics Run & Change, People & Culture, Trends & Innovation, Customers & Processes as well as sustainability. Therein we recognize the long-lasting success-drivers for our bank.
  • the simultaneousness and ambidexterity with which we demand Run & Change from ourselves.
  • the future of our (collaborative) work demands contemporary leadership, modern modes of working as well as new requirements and competencies in the organization.
  • we direct all of our doing towards our five company values: courage, sustainability, honesty, pride and entrepreneurship. 
  • we offer a team oriented, self-determined and agile work environment and enable the realization of people’s entire (achievement-)potential within our organization.
  • the structural anchoring of trend and innovation work within our bank.
  • our engagement as an interactive bank; we include our members actively in the development process of our bank. Further, we offer evening events and workshops with various topics to our members.
  • we create exciting processes with high quality and efficiency for our members and customers and manage the balance between individualization, standardization and digitization for the different customer needs through this.
Martina Kramer
Management assistant

“To begin with we explained our vision, our strategic orientation, our focus topics, our path towards 2025 to those responsible at DIALOGBILD. From this, two different sketches were created. With one sketch we then entered a day-long workshop. The guiding principle for the workshop: There should not be too many “creative heads”, yet all viewpoints from all areas of the bank should have an influence. So, our managers, together with four more employees, took on the creation of the dialog picture. While topics were eagerly discussed, a “designer” expressed all the spoken matters through pictures. When the day had come to an end, we were happy with our sketch and were looking forward to the final product. The first draft was still quite surprising. While the sketches were all black and white, the first “finished” draft was colorful. “Finished” in quotation marks, as there were still correction and change requests, until finally, after many brush strokes, our dialog picture was complete. At this point, a great praise for the DIALOGBILD team. Currently, we are presenting the dialog picture to all of our employees through management talks (through YouTube) and in team meetings. The first feedback which reached us was positive.”

Individual scenes and their meaning

Trends & Innovation always within view
Strengthen regionality
Run & Change
Our five company values