Over the course of an event our artists will create either individual scenes or a complete picture. Many possibilities are afforded. In the following we describe several possible and different scenarios of Live Illustration or Graphic Recording. This demonstrates how we will work with you to tailor-make the best possible individualized realization of your concepts.


We accompany your event with a facilitator and an illustrator and design individual scenes under the eyes of the participants. The results and the individual scenes can be utilized for different communication media and may be integrated in the picture. Employees experience the exciting process of illustration “live on stage”.

The special character of this event in combination with the visualisation on stage is an impression your employees will never forget. There are different possibilities to integrate us in your projects. In the following we’ll describe different scenarios. We’ll gladly develop an individual concept with you, appropriate to your project and your requirements.


Task: The subject “customer loyalty” was to be better communicated and lived within a Swiss insurance company.

Solution: During a two day managers conference with 120 managers in Zermatt we illustrated the path up to the Matterhorn via live illustration.

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Task: On a conference 10 service subjects were to be communicated to 120 senior staff.

Solution: We developed a picture under the eyes of all attendees. Our moderator actively involved the audience and discussed the varying subjects. This is how the attendees had ideas and pictures in their minds first, before we actually drew them. Step by step, we developed a dialog picture assimilated to the requirements of everyone involved. The picture underwent fine illustration afterwards and is now used in further communication processes within the company.

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During the kick-off of a dialog medium we primarily develop sketches of the scenes together with you. In small groups we gather associations that are processed by the moderator and illustrator and visualized afterwards. The outcome is used for the elaboration of the dialog medium, which is presented to the participants at the end of the day in a plenum.

This is how workshop participants are included in the developing process and how awareness and acceptance regarding the subjects in the picture is raised.


Live Workshop


Task: on an international management conference, 300 managers met to internalize the new leadership principles of Continental.

Solution: We developed the background of a 4x2 meter dialog picture, which was hung up at an event. The managers were asked to split into small groups and thought out pictures for each principle on their own. We were represented with several illustrators and consultants, going from table to table, collected the subjects and sketched them. The drawings were glued step-by-step on the prepared background. This is how a complete picture developed at the end of the day, which was elaborated and given to the managers for further communication measures.

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Continental Workshop

Graphic Recording


Would you like to visually record your meeting? We can also accompany your business events with an illustrator and visually record the participants’ lectures simultaneously.

Graphic recording/ visual recording leads the participants into the world of pictures in which complex subjects can be illustrated.


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